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For Auto Purchases
`Check with the DMV, Better Business Bureau or local reputation of or about the dealer. The
phone number to the DMV (ask if DMV officer has had any complaints or trouble with that
dealer) is 336-884-1742, BBB is 1-800-888-9493 (ask if they have received any complaints
on the dealer)

`Have funds in place (down payment, loans, credit card etc)

`Chose vehicle

`Gather info on that particular brand/model (its characteristics, i.e. some vehicles have
common flaws... call and speak with the service manager at that particular brand's service
department). Check insurance costs (liability is same on all cars, collision & comprehensive
coverage differs car to car, based partially on overall value of vehicle)

`Pull a "carfax" or "auto-check"  (thru NADA.com) to check for previous problems,
remember a lot of sales people have no idea where the car came from or its history

`Have your mechanic and/or body shop examine the car for you

`Check the book values (NADA.com, Edmunds.com or KBB.com all free on-line)

`Make a reasonable offer (cash or loan check from your bank/credit union is best)

`If trading, have a reasonable amount in mind for your vehicle (remember, the dealer will
need to organize/re-condition your car for resale, so his trade allowance will be less than you
can sell it for yourself)

`Contact your insurance agent (have insurance available or in place)
`Decide if you would like an extended warranty (costs extra, but often recommended)
`You will need a copy of your insurance card & copy of your driver's license

`NC sales tax on all vehicles is 3% of the sales price (if from a dealer) or 3% of the
computerized value (DMV) if buying from an individual.

`DMV title fee is $52
`Private Passenger Vehicle (& Trucks under 4000 lbs) Plate fee is $36

`Most dealers charge a "documentary fee" to help cover the expense of notary fees, form
filling, forms, temporary tags, NC inspection requirements (the dealer is required to have had
the car inspected before selling it), transport fee and computer/secretary expenses (most are
around $200 although some are over $500). We charge $99.

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